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SC puts new farm laws on hold, forms committee for talks

Jan 12, 2021 14:47 IST

The Supreme Court on Tuesday put the new farm laws on hold till further orders. The court also formed a committee to take over negotiations to end the massive farmer protests on Delhi border against the new farm laws. The committee members are: Bharatiya Kisan Union president Jitender Singh Maan, former director of the Natonal Academy of Agriculture Dr Pramod Kumar Joshi, agricultural economist Ashok Gulati and Anil Dhanvat of the Shivkeri Sangathan of Maharashtra. The court also rebuffed the farmers' argument that they will not appear before any committee, saying that committee won't pass any judgement and all the parties should talk to it. "Each one of us we will responsible if anything goes wrong. We don't want any injuries or blood on our hands," the Chief Justice said in a series of stern comments. The top court had, on Monday, said that it was "extremely disappointed" by the government's handling of the crisis.