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Samsung M21 Review: price & conclusion

May 28, 2020 20:08 IST

So let’s review—what’s the point of the M21, when you consider the extremely similar M30s, and even the new M31, which is more or less the same as this phone, except for the camera hardware? I think it’s just Samsung flexing—showing off how much more muscle they’ve got in the market compared to their competition.

The Galaxy M21 carries on the legacy of the M series, with much better camera quality and Android 10 being brought to the table, at a starting price of ₹13,199. The 6GB RAM 128GB model will cost you a bit more at ₹15,499, but it’s still a solid deal for a phone that offers a beautiful screen, a great big swinging battery life, and strong camera performance—the perfect recipe for a good daily driver.