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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing & Quick Hands-On: ANC, 360 Audio and premium design at ₹15,990

Feb 05, 2021 13:56 IST

In this video, we unbox Samsung's new wireless earbuds, the  Galaxy Buds Pro.


Open the lid, and you'll find a quick start guide, along with the Galaxy Buds Pro charging case, a USB-C charging cable and three ear tips.

The charging case over here is very similar to the one that came with the Galaxy Buds Live - its compact, square-shaped,  and offers a nice matte finish with the Samsung logo embedded on top. There's a USB type C port at the bottom for charging and the case itself supports wireless charging.

Once you open the charging case,   you'll, of course, notice the Buds Pro and an LED indicator on the front part to indicate the battery status of the case. The buds themselves come in three colours:  Phantom Black, Phantom Violet and this Phantom Silver variant that Samsung sent us.

Now, the Buds Pro offer a similar in-ear style as their older siblings, the Buds Plus - they've got the same glossy surface on top of each bud where the touch controls are situated, while the inner half of each bud has a matte plastic finish for a more comfortable feel.  Additionally, the Galaxy Buds Pro are designed to give you added peace of mind. They are protected with an IPX7 water resistance rating, the highest standard of water resistance in the Galaxy Buds line.

Like with any premium TWS earbuds, sound quality has to be great, and that why the Buds Pro-sport an 11-millimetre woofer for deeper bass and a 6.5-millimetre tweeter for a crisp treble with minimum distortion. The Buds Pro also come equipped with a three mic system per earbud plus a voice pickup unit for clearer calls.

In terms of features, the earbuds come with what the company calls Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation and 360 Audio with Dolby Head Tracking tech that offers a more immersive audio experience. And, now, with Ambient Sound, you can choose to amplify nearby sounds by more than 20 decibels, meaning you can adjust and personalize according to your needs.  

There's a new auto-switch feature that lets the buds remain connected to two Galaxy devices at once and switch playback between them.

Claimed battery life on the Buds Pro is up to 8 hours with ANC off, and up to 5 hours with ANC on. With the included charging case, Samsung says battery life can be extended all the way up to 28 hours with ANC off and 18 hours with ANC on.

Priced at 15,990 Rupees, the Galaxy Buds Pro seem to be a great addition in the premium TWS segment and a perfect pair for the newest S21 series.

Anyway, that's it, for now, guys, let us know what you think about Samsung's new buds in the comments section. And if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel for more content. 

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