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Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: design & camera

Jan 29, 2020 19:17 IST

The 6.5- inch display also means that the A51 is a big phone, but the weight is well distributed and Samsung has managed to find space for a headphone jack here. One thing the Galaxy A51 is missing, however, is an IP rating, which means it's not officially water or dust resistant. Around the polycarbonate back, you'll find a stunning prism design and no less than four cameras. The main camera is a 48MP one, and it's joined by a 12MP ultra-wide snapper, 5MP macro sensor and a 5MP depth sensor.  This is a big step up from the triple camera offered on the A50s, as it offers you great flexibility when it comes to photography.  The 5MP macro lens is a welcome addition and clicked some really good close-up shots.