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The biggest art trends from India Art Fair 2019

Feb 05, 2019 13:55 IST

Giving an artistic start to 2019, the India Art Fair in New Delhi is the perfect place to get an insider's perspective on the South-Asian art scene. Here are a few mediums that are the topical favorites of artists this year. While it may seem basic, paper cut-outs seem to be all the rage. Where one artist framed their delicate cut-outs as is, another mixed them with carpets as an off-beat wall hanging. Metal is another material that is being heavily explored in 2019. Smaller metal objects were used to make up bigger pieces while one artist crocheted a piece of stainless steal for a decade to create this textile masterpiece. Not surprising, audio and video is another big theme. While some photographers are using video to make their imagery more interactive, other artists are mixing it with other mediums like installations to deliver a more complete story.