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India, China hold diplomatic talks amid border tension

Jun 05, 2020 23:17 IST

Officials of the Ministry of External Affairs held bilateral talks with their Chinese counterparts ahead of a key meeting between the military commanders of the two nations. Sun Weidong, Chinese envoy to India, tweeted details, saying the two nations discussed Covid-19 preparedness, celebrations for 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties & multilateral cooperation. The two sides agreed that they should follow the strategic guidance of the two leaders, put into action that China & India pose no threat to each other & represent development opportunities for each other, & differences should not be turned into disputes. They also agreed on support to the WHO, to resolutely uphold and promote multilateralism & safeguard common interests of developing countries. Saturday’s meeting is the first high-level meeting between Lt General Harinder Singh, the general officer commanding of Leh-based 14 Corps, and his Chinese counterpart who heads the People’s Liberation Army’s Group Army since the May 5 scuffle between soldiers of the two nations.

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