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Maha records 134 new cases, Dharavi tally touches 43

Apr 12, 2020 19:24 IST

Maharashtra recorded 134 new Covid-19 positive cases with Mumbai alone reporting 113 infectees, taking the state total to 1,895 cases, according to preliminary figures on Sunday. Central Mumbai's Dharavi - Asia's biggest slum, continued to be a problem area with 15 new cases with the total touching 43. There have been at least 4 deaths in Dharavi, as the police, civic, and health authorities worked overtime to implement lockdown in the 2.25 sq kms area housing nearly 800,000 people. Among the 15 new cases in this slum pocket are 9 contacts of a victim who succumbed to Covid-19 earlier and now the authorities have taken up a full-scale investigation of the high risk category.