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Tuticorin custodial deaths: Stalin blames AIADMK govt of cover up

Jun 27, 2020 20:38 IST

The MK Stalin-led DMK has demanded a CBI probe into the custodial deaths of a man and his son, P Jayaraj and J Bennix, in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu at the hands of now-suspended police officers. The gruesome deaths have sent shockwaves across the country and drawn the attention of celebrity athletes and actors, who have all called for strict action. While the AIADMK has assured that the law will take its course, the DMK wants the administration to book the officers for murder. Stalin said the AIADMK government is trying to "cover up" the truth, adding that Chief Minister E Palaniswami declared that Bennix had died of breathlessness and his father due to an illness even before the post-mortem report was released. Stalin has also questioned the government’s move to give money to the victims’ family, asking what was the need for compensation if they were natural deaths.