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Rahul Tewatia: remember the name

Sep 28, 2020 11:34 IST

When Rahul Tewatia struggled during his innings against Kings XI Punjab on Sunday night, many cricket fans including some commentators were baying for his blood. While most wanted him to retire after scoring 17 off 23 as Rajasthan Royals chased a record 224, some questioned the team management's call to promote him to number 4 ahead of the experienced Robin Uthappa.  Sanju Samson explained the call after the match and said, "The management saw batting abilities he had in the practice matches, they decided to send him up the order, it was a brave move and he made them all proud. He never gave up, he was brave, he was so down that I could see that and then he came back to strike 30 runs off an international bowler. Its a great confidence booster for him and its great for us." Tewatia who was initially brought into the IPL by Rajasthan Royals in 2014 travelled to Punjab and then Delhi before returning to the Royals in 2020. Interestingly, in his 7 year-long journey in IPL, game-time was tough as he featured in just 21 matches.