'Queen' turns 7: Kangana Ranaut says she did it for money, thought it would never release | Editorji
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'Queen' turns 7: Kangana Ranaut says she did it for money

Mar 07, 2021 14:06 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Actor Kangana Ranaut who solidified her mark in the Hindi film industry with 2014 film 'Queen', says she did the project for money and never anticipated that the film would be so successful.

Celebrating the seventh anniversary of her film, Kangana in series of tweets revealed that she went to a film school in New York with the money she received for 'Queen', where she was hired by a big agency after seeing a short film she directed.

Kangana added she buried all her acting ambitions and did not plan to return to India, but, 'Queen' released which changed her life and Indian Cinema forever.