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PM returns Rahul’s ‘Bharat Mata’ barb with ‘fatwa’ taunt

Dec 04, 2018 18:47 IST

On the last day of campaign in Rajasthan, Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister i took pot shots at each other over Bharat Mata ki Jai slogan. "The Prime Minister says 'Bharat Mata Ki jai' in every speech but works for Anil Ambani. He should begin his address by saying 'Anil Ambani ki Jai', 'Mehul Choksi ki Jai', 'Nirav Modi ki Jai' 'Lalit Modi ki Jai'," Gandhi said. Prime Minister Modi said: "The Congress has come up with a 'fatwa' that I should not begin rallies with "Bharat Mata Ki Jai". How can they deny this? They must be ashamed of even saying such a thing."