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Pineapple power: just the tropical immunity fix that you need

Mar 16, 2021 19:18 IST | By Editorji News Desk

A delicious tropical fruit that may look exotic but is easily available at almost all grocery stores, pineapple is a powerhouse of nutrition. The fruit has been used in folk medicine since ancient times and lucky for us, there’s plenty of modern science proving its benefits as well.  

Rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals, eating pineapple regularly can help shorten viral and bacterial infections as well as help strengthen your bones. The fruit is such a great source of vitamin C that one cup of fresh pineapple can take of your entire required daily intake.  

It also boasts of a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain that may lower inflammation. This substance is the reason why you sometimes have an itchy tongue or sore lips after eating pineapple. Bromelain is a great enzyme for promoting healthy digestion.  

All of these nutrients and antioxidants present in the pineapple fruit make it a great one for boosting your immunity and helping your fight off germs. 

There are many ways to enjoy this sunny fruit. Have it raw or grilled, use it to make a sweet and spicy curry or serve it with meat! 

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