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Paperwallah! Roundup of morning newspapers

Jun 27, 2019 08:19 IST

Here's a wrap of the top stories from major morning newspapers The Hindustan Times has reported that the Supreme Court now has a new work roster which says the top five judges will now be given public interest litigation cases. This effectively reverses a year-old protocol by which such cases were restricted only to the Chief Justice’s court. The change is significant since it undoes a move by former chief justice Dipak Misra, whose tenure was marked by a controversy related to assignment of cases. Science students from Delhi who scored 84% or less were given a “boost” by the board of 32 marks, the Times of India has reported. Details accessed by the paper for nine subjects in this year’s Board exam reveal that the CBSE granted up to 11 marks each in physics and mathematics, 10 in chemistry, six in political science and five each in economics, biology and business studies during the “moderation” process. In a bid to crack down on cow vigilantism, the Congress government in Madhya