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Pak terrorists tried to attack Amarnath Yatra: Army

Aug 02, 2019 15:09 IST

Shocking revelations by the Indian Army on Friday stating that Pakistani terrorists tried to target the Amarnath yatra. According to Lt Gen KS Dhillon, there are confirmed intelligence reports that terrorists backed by the Pakistan Army were trying to disrupt the Amarnath Yatra. Following which searches were conducted over the last 3-4 days on Amarnath yatra routes which led to the recovery of IEDs, landmines and a cache of weapons. The most damning evidence of Pakistan Army involvement according to him are these Pakistan ordnance factory markings on a landmine and an M-24 American sniper rifle with a telescopic sight. "The Pakistan Army is desperate to disrupt peace. This will not be allowed to happen. No one can be allowed to disrupt the peace", Lt Gen KS Dhillon said.