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NYC set to start 'self-swab' Covid-19 tests

Apr 28, 2020 10:04 IST

New York City-run health clinics will allow people to collect their own samples for testing under a healthcare workers guidance, according to Mayor Bill De Blasio. These 'self-swab' tests would ensure greater safety for test-seekers and healthcare workers and will come into effect this week. The process will begin by a medical professional explaining how to administer the test, then the potential patient will take a nasal swab while a medic watches with a mirror to offer assistance. The patient will then spit into a cup for a second sample, which will be handed over to the medic for further testing. Talking about the advantages, De Blasio said, these tests will allow for more distance, reduce the amount of time healthcare workers give to tests and increase capacity to 20 tests per hour as opposed to 15.

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