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Not just a pretty colour: surprising healing benefits of lavender

Dec 31, 2020 09:03 IST

The stunning lavender flower that blooms in picturesque fields has more to it than meets the eye. The pretty flower comes with powerful healing benefits for the body. Lavender essential oils could help soothe wounds and cuts, especially for women who have had episiotomies. Inhaling lavender essence could also help soothe the pain that comes from C-section childbirths. Regularly massaging your scalp with essential oils like lavender could treat scalp issues like alopecia areata and prevent hair loss. There is also ongoing research to ascertain whether lavender oil could help with hair growth. Interestingly, it is believed that ancient Roman soldiers used lavender to treat an upset stomach. With its antibacterial properties, research has also shown that the oil could help fight colitis, which is the inflammation of the colon that can lead to pain and diarrhoea. You can include it in your diet by sprinkling dried culinary lavender over yoghurt. The plant is a tough one and could easily thrive in a toxic environment. It has been used as a solution to clean industrial sites and plots. The aromatic herb can also refresh stale air and is often used as a carpet deodorizer by mixing 8 drops of lavender oil with half a cup of baking soda.

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