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Dr. Rasool Latifi - transforming Jammu one vertical garden at a time

Sep 16, 2020 17:27 IST

Say hello to Dr. Nazia Rasool Latifi, an environmentalist doing her bit to enhance the green cover in Jammu.

Using plastic bottles Dr. Latifi creates vertical gardens in different spaces of the city. They not only enhance greenery but also help in the managing waste bottles, add beauty to any space and help conserve water as they make use of the drip irrigation method.

This also works really well in areas with space constraint, and helps counter the negative impacts of noise and air pollution Dr. Latifi says.

She has made a vertical garden in the Government College for women Gandhi Nagar where she taught and the Police Public School. She's hand-picked the plants, to include chlorophytum, syngonium and others so they can tackle pollution and survive in extreme weather conditions.