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Nifty, Sensex: how long will the bull run last? | BOOM

Nov 12, 2020 16:00 IST

The Sensex and Nifty have rallied for a 7 day record breaking, lifetime high chasing run. Can this continue or do we not understand the phase we are entering? BOOM Explains. Gaurang Shah, VP, Geojit Financial Services, says that equity markets are the best asset class in ensuring returns to investors for a longer period of time if investments are done with a little homework. With the pandemic easing out, cities unlocked and new government policies for enabling trade and quick implementation at ground level has ensured a bull run but might now lead to a little consolidation and profit booking. Don't expect to touch anything to turn it into gold, that will not happen. Prakash Diwan, Director, Altamont Capital Management, says that markets go by 3 influencing factors - 1st companies performances, second market liquidity and third, dominant themes running in the market. At ground level, business are struggling but the market is anticipating a great burst of economic activity and reacting to that. It could be possible that we may reach more highs, but a large part of market recovery has been done and investors must be careful about where they put their money. Watch Govindraj Ethiraj interview Prakash Diwan and Gaurang Shah on how long can this bull market last and why the Sensex and Nifty keep rising to lifetime highs despite historic lows predicted by everyone for the economy for this financial year.