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NGOs that work for children with cancer

Feb 15, 2020 08:39 IST

Almost 300,000 children globally are diagnosed with cancer every year, says the WHO. But, there are some NGOs working to ease the burden on these children and their families and bring back their smiles. 1. St. Jude India ChildCare Centre operates in 8 cities including Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. It aims to provide cost-free, holistic care during the treatment. Safe accommodation, transport to medical centres and recreational activities are provided by the organisation. 2. CanKids...KidsCan is a Delhi-based family support group working for the welfare of child cancer fighters as well as their families. Through their Go Gold India campaign, the organisation aims to make childhood cancer a child health priority in India. 3. 'Bringing happiness back to our children' is the motive behind the Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation. They work to help pediatric cancer patients from less- privileged families in India. They provide financial, clinical, educational, logistics and moral support through their team of professionals and students from across the globe. 4. Spiritual and educational support are the main agendas of the Samiksha foundation in Bengaluru. The organisation provides a space away from the hospital where children with cancer can learn and unlearn through creative activities.