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New MHA guidelines from Dec 1: what's allowed, what's not

Nov 26, 2020 20:33 IST

Amid the surge in Covid-19 cases nationwide, the Home Ministry has released a new set guidelines for 'surveillance, containment and caution' which will be in place till the end of December. The Centre's assessment allows states to impose local restrictions like night curfews, but they cannot impose lockdowns without the govt's permission. Here's a look at what's allowed and what's not. Within demarcated containment zones, only essential activities will be allowed. There will also be a strict perimeter control to ensure that people are not moving in large numbers. Intensive door-to-door surveillance will be carried out in these areas. Testing will be done as per protocol and positive cases are to be promptly isolated at quarantine centres or at home, as required. Local authorities told to spread awareness in these containment zones and ensure residents follow all quarantine measures. Outside demarcated containment zones, all activities will be allowed. That includes international travel as prescribed by the MHA. Cinema halls will be allowed to open with 50% capacity. Places of worship will also be allowed to open with half capacity, with all social distancing guidelines in place. But states and local authorities may cap the number of people in closed spaces to 100 or less as they see fit.