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Eid food trail

Aug 12, 2019 13:39 IST

The best things to eat are often found in tiny alleys, and what is Eid without delicious food? If you're looking for a festive feast, hop on a food trail across the most famous hubs in India. Matia Mahal opposite the Jama Masjid in New Delhi is a bustling food street with rows of kebab shops and restaurants that serve delightful korma. Nothing like a grand meal at Karim's, a 19-century historic restaurant started by a cook from the royal Mughal court. Everything here prepared in desi ghee and is sinfully rich. The area around the Minara Masjid in Mumbai, popularly known as the Mohammad Ali road, is the centre of Eid festivities. From paya simmered for hours in clay pots and served with huge naans to sitaphal ka halwa, you'll stumble upon some of the most unique treats here. Don't miss the Sanju Baba Chicken at Noor Mohammadi, the recipe of which is believed to have been created by Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Apart from royal palaces and ancient mosques, the food in Hyderabad is a compelling reason to visit this charming city. Qubani ka Meetha and biryani are the stars of Eid celebrations and Hyderabad offers the best of both worlds. The busy lanes around Charminar house some of the most iconic restaurants. From the original Paradise, famous for the city's beloved biryani and Hotel Shahran that churns Hyderabadi Falooda to Keema Khichdi and Gurda-Kaleji for breakfast at Shah Ghouse, every other restaurant caters to your urge to indulge. Stroll along the narrow by lanes of Aminabad and let tempting aromas guide you. The local Awadhi cuisine gives you a glimpse of the Nawabi culture, famous for its flavourful dum biryanis and Khameeri Rotis dipped in slow-cooked Nalli Nihari. Walk around the lively midnight market or take a Chaand Raat tour to experience the diverse food culture. The best way to enjoy a city is by eating your way through it. So, take your tribe, loosen your pants and dig in.