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International Coffee Day: know the innovative twists beyond the cup

Oct 01, 2020 07:28 IST

International Coffee Day is celebrated on the 1st of October each year. Here's a list of the innovative twists taken by your favourite cuppa!
An innovative eyewear brand from Ukraine called Ochis is making unique sunglasses out of coffee waste.
Unsustainable practices of the fashion industry have come to the limelight quite recently. This drove sneakerheads, Jesse and Son Chu from Vietnam, to create sneakers from coffee waste. Rens originals' sneakers are eco-friendly and each pair uses 21 cups of coffee waste and six plastic bottles.
Sustainable clothing just got more creative. Coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles are being used to create hoodies! Used coffee ground is collected from local shops, dried and mixed with melted plastic bottles to create a special type of yarn.
An endangered bird's poop is being used to make a gourmet variety coffee and it's selling big bucks. Jacu, is a bird native to Brazilian forests and is known to feed on the ripest coffee berries.
To make the impact of food waste a little less on the environment, Swiss coffee company Nespresso partnered with Swedish startup Vélosophy to create a bicycle using 300 recycled coffee pods.
A team of scientists decided to re-engineer coffee and brew it without the bitterness or the bean, and their experiment seems to have been quite successful. Jarret Stopforth partnered with entrepreneur Andy Kleitsch to launch Atomo.
According to an report published in the Journal Of Cleaner Production, a chemist from a Russian university has found an economic and eco-friendly way to manufacture electrodes for batteries using coffee production waste.