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Coronavirus lockdown: here's what you can and cannot do

Mar 23, 2020 07:29 IST

The Dos and Don'ts of a lockdown

The government of India has decided to lock down 80 districts that had reported positive cases of coronavirus. However, you need not panic. There are services that you can still avail of, and things that you cannot do.

No public transport will be available

No public transport including private buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and e-rickshaws will be permitted. Only DTC buses will operate at not more than 25% capacity. Movement of inter-state buses, trains, and metro will be suspended. Roads from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh and Haryana will be sealed.

You can't book an Ola or Uber

You can't book an Ola or a Uber. Most states have placed a ban on public transport including taxis. Private cars and 2-wheelers be allowed, but only for those travelling for essential purposes. You may be stopped at airports and questioned.

All shops, offices & factories shut

All shops, commercial establishments, factories, workshops, offices, godowns and weekly bazaars will be shut.

Petrol, diesel and CNG pumps will be open

You will be able to buy petrol. Petrol pumps, LPG and oil agencies will continue to operate.

International flights suspended, domestic to run

All international flights arriving in Delhi during this period will be suspended. Domestic flights, however, will remain operational.

Hospitals, pharmacies will stay open

Hospitals, pharmacies and medical stores will remain open. So you can buy medicines if you need to.

You can order items online for delivery

E-commerce of all essential goods including food items, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, groceries, dairy products, general provision stores will be open. 

All ATMs will be open. 

You will be able to withdraw money. Cashier and teller operations of banks (including ATMs) will be open.

Gathering of over 5 illegal during curfew

You can't go out in a group. Any congregation of more than five people is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

What are the services excluded?
Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties, police, health, fire, prisons, fair price shops, electricity, water, municipal services, activities related to the functioning of legislative assembly, are exempted from this order.