Music producer Hal Willner dies at 64

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Kashmiri Doc creates history, invents first-ever Endovascular Catheter devices

May 20, 2019 20:13 IST

A US-based Kashmiri doctor has earned a rare honour by becoming the first medico across the globe to invent two Endovascular Catheter devices, which can treat acute Venous Thromboembolic (VTE) diseases, a blood clotting disorder that results to deaths worldwide. An alumnus of Government Medical College Srinagar Dr Riyaz Bashir, Director of Vascular and Endovascular Medicine at Temple University Hospital, and Director of Research & Development at Thrombolex, Inc has named the devices as The Bashir™ Endovascular Catheter (BEC) and The Bashir N-X™ Endovascular Catheter (BEC N-X). Both these devices have got the premarket notification clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) As per the Temple Univertisty’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine, the Bashir™ Endovascular Catheter (BEC) is cleared for the controlled and selective infusion of fluids, including clot-dissolving medications, into the veins and arteries of the peripheral vasculature.