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Mumbai: 96% of containment zones in slums & chawls

May 29, 2020 11:56 IST

659 of the 684 containment zones in Mumbai are in slums and chawls. These densely populated areas and small tenements, which house a population of 35 lakh, are crucial to Mumbai’s fight against Covid-19, Hindustan Times has reported. Dharavi, the biggest slum cluster in Mumbai, has 11 containment zones, housing a population of close 2 lakh. Overall, more than 7-and-a-half lakh households and close to 36 lakh people in Mumbai, which is the worst affected city, are under containment zones. Small houses, common toilets and high population density lead to faster spread in slums and chawls, say civic officials. Home quarantining a positive patient is practically.