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‘Multiple abrasion, deep cuts’: Ankit Sharma's autopsy report

Feb 28, 2020 11:21 IST

Ankit Sharma, the Intelligence Bureau official whose body was pulled out of a drain in Northeast Delhi’s Chand Bagh, was brutally stabbed to death, the post-mortem report has revealed. Sharma’s body had ‘multiple abrasion, deep cuts, by sharp edge objects’ states the post-mortem report, according to news agency IANS. The doctors who carried out the autopsy have said that the 26-year-old was stabbed multiple times. Sharma was working with the IB as security assistant since 2017. He lived in Chand Bagh in Northeast Delhi and had gone out to see that was happening in the locality in Tuesday and never returned. Sharma’s family has filed a FIR was against Aam Aadmi Party councillor Tahir Hussain, whom they have accused of murdering him.