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Moran Villages Get Ready to Celebrate Magh Bihu

Jan 12, 2021 00:00 IST

The women folk of villages of Moran are busy singing, dancing and preparing pitha and ladoo as they get ready to celebrate Magh Bihu, the harvest festival of Assam. Feasting, enjoying good food including a variety of non-vegetarian dishes, good quality curd and cream are the highlights of this festival also known as Bhogali Bihu as this festival is all about ‘bhog’ meaning feast or enjoyment. The men folk are busy preparing bhela garh and meji (structures made of bamboo, hay) and getting poultry, fish, duck, meat and vegetables for the community feast that is a common thing during Magh Bihu that Assam would celebrate from January 13. Around 200 families of Moran village to celebrate Magh Bihu together.