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Mi 10i review

Jan 07, 2021 10:11 IST

The Mi 10i is a very strong contender to set the bar for the mid-range segment in 2021. It brings a number of "expensive" features to a phone that's priced lower than most of its competitors. Users get a 108MP primary camera which has good performance and a 120Hz IPS-LCD display with very impressive colours. The phone itself is a stunning device thanks to its elegant design. The side-mounted fingerprint sensor works really well and the IP53 rating lends to the notion of durability when it comes to the Mi 10i. You also get a headphone jack on the phone, which is really nice. What doesn't work for the Mi 10i, however, is the display, which has a fairly low peak brightness, and suffers from reflection issues when using outdoors or in places with strong ambient lighting.