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Mejis, Buffalo Fights Mark Magh Bihu Celebrations in Assam

Jan 14, 2021 17:57 IST

Magh Bihu celebrations have begun across Assam. Along with other parts of Assam, people of Moran villages gathered in a community ground and took part in the bonfire (meji). Lighting of the meji is part of the Magh Bihu celebrations. People bathe early in the morning and gather around the meji, they offer prayers and sing and dnace bihu around the meji (a structure made of wood, bamboo, thatch and hay) before lighting it up. The warmth of the fire is believed to cleanse the human body and ensure good health and prosperity while burning all evil and disease. The Moran unit of Ahom Tai Students Union has organised a two-day Magh Bihu festival. Taditional buffalo fight and painting and quiz competitions for the children and a cultural programme featuring some prominent artistes would also be held as part of the Magh Bihu celebrations in the Moran Ahom village.