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Naked Philanthropist: model raises cash for Aussie bushfire with nudes

Jan 07, 2020 11:43 IST

A 20-year-old American model, Kaylen Ward, has claimed that she raised over $700,000 for relief of the Australian bushfire victims by offering nudes in return for donations. She calls herself the 'Naked Philanthropist' on social media and took to Twitter to announce that anyone who sent her proof of donating a minimum of $10 to a list of charities, would receive a nude from her. Instagram, however, deactivated her account for violating guidelines. Ward even hired a team of four people who could help her sort out the DM's she received, since the response she got was so overwhleming. The cause is very close to Ward's heart as the fires in Carr and Camp in Nothern California affected her family and her in 2018.