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Farm bills tabled in Rajya Sabha amid Opposition uproar

Sep 21, 2020 06:09 IST

Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar tabled the three contentious agriculture reform bills in the Rajya Sabha on Sunday amid massive uproar from Opposition benches.

"I want to assure everyone that the bills have nothing to do with MSPs. MSPs were there and will continue. I would request everyone to reconsider their views on the farm bills. The two bills are historic and will bring a change in the lives of the farmers. The farmers will be able to freely trade their produce anywhere in the country.", said Tomar to members. 

The numbers, are in favour of the BJP in the Rajya Sabha, while the Lok Sabha already cleared the bills despite a key NDA member, Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), opposing them. BJP leaders are confident that they will get the support of over 130 members, including 9 of the AIADMK and 6 MPs of the YSR Congress, both of whom are not part of the NDA, if a division of votes is sought on these bills. The Shiv Sena, a former BJP ally and now in opposition, has also expressed its support.