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Marc Faber's investment mantras

Dec 28, 2020 03:50 IST

We continue our journey speaking to well known investors and learning from their investment philosophy. In this video, Marc Faber, Editor & Publisher, Gloom Boom and Doom Report and well known contrarian investor.

Marc Faber says that in the 70's the US stock markets was oscillating between 20-30% of the GDP. Now, it is 190%. It is a sign that financial markets are high and economic activity hasn't expanded that much. At the same time, we have the commodities market, especially agricultural commodities and related stocks, that are relatively depressed. Compared to financial assets, precious metals are relatively inexpensive. With government interventions, we will have to pay more tax in the future. Overall, we are moving into low return environment unless you do something special.

He also says that when companies become popular and well known, they are automatically costlier. You can look at sectors that are popular or you can look at neglected sectors and usually,