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Leh map row: Parl panel finds twitter response 'inadequate'

Oct 29, 2020 00:43 IST

A Parliamentary panel led by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi on Wednesday pulled up twitter over the depiction of Leh as part of China while the micro-blogging website responded saying that the geo-tagging issue was swiftly resolved once it was brought to its notice. Lekhi, who heard out the twitter officials after they were summoned by the panel, said the response by the social media giant was ‘inadequate’. Twitter India officials were questioned by the parliamentary Joint Committee on Data protection after outrage over the social media platform's location settings. The Delhi MP said twitter's act amounts to criminal offence attracting imprisonment of seven years. The internet platform said in response that it was committed to openness, transparency and will 'remain in regular touch with the Indian government to share timely updates'.