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Learning on the go: Hyderabad couple 'roadschools' their daughters

Oct 01, 2020 07:54 IST

Meet Gangadhar Krishnan and Ramya Laxminath, a Hyderabad couple who took the road less travelled to educate their twin daughters, Amulya and Ananya! The couple lived a conventional 'fast-paced' corporate life for almost 17 years when they decided it was time to hit the road and travel, something they were passionate about. Travelling opened new paths of teaching and educating their daughters, a concept they call 'roadschooling'. Last year, the family of four undertook a 13000 kilometre road trip, covering almost 15 Indian states in 90 days. Lauding the method, Gangadhar said, travelling has taught his daughters deep life lessons that one cannot learn from school teachers or parents. Emphasising on the concepts Amulya and Ananya learnt while on the go, he said, they got to witness the water cycle in Cherrapunji while in Arunachal Pradesh, and learnt about sustainable agriculture among other things. The couple believes in unstructured education and they use travel as a tool to impart it.