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At least 20 dead, 600 wounded in Equatorial Guinea blasts

Mar 08, 2021 06:58 IST | By AP

A series of explosions at a military barracks in Equatorial Guinea killed at least 20 people and wounded more than 600 others on Sunday. The government said the explosion at 4 pm local time was due to the “negligent handling of dynamite” in the military barracks located in the neighbourhood of Mondong Nkuantoma in Bata.

The impact of the explosion caused damage in almost all the houses and buildings in Bata. The defence ministry released a statement late Sunday saying that a fire at a weapons depot in the barracks caused the explosion of high-calibre ammunition.

It said the provisional toll was 20 dead and 600 injured, adding that the cause of the explosions will be fully investigated.

The country's president said the fire may have been due residents burning the fields surrounding the barracks.