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Kejriwal launches 'Green Delhi' app to redress pollution complaints

Oct 29, 2020 14:50 IST

As the air pollution level in the national capital turned 'severe', Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the 'Green Delhi' mobile application on Thursday. The chief minister said the government wants to involve everyone in the fight against pollution as "no big change can take place without the support of people." Citizens can now bring pollution causing activities to the government's notice using this application. They can click pictures or make a video of pollution causing activities, such as burning of garbage, industrial pollution, dust etc. and upload them on the application. The application will identify the location and the complaint will be automatically forwarded to the concerned department for time-bound redressal. A 'green war room' has been set up to monitor the status of complaints. A team of 70 'green' marshals will assist in their redressal, Kejriwal said.