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Juice the beets: the all-encompassing power of beetroot

Aug 14, 2020 13:27 IST

Often overlooked on the grocery list, these facts about beetroot will make you give the red root veggie a second look.  

While it is a riot of nutrients, beetroot is best known for purifying blood and enhancing stamina.  

If you’re anaemic or have an iron deficiency, consuming beets in moderation can help you get your target nutrients. Some studies say beets contain high levels of nitrates that the body can convert into nitric oxide. This can help widen blood vessels and lower the risk of high blood pressure. The potassium in beetroots helps ensure proper muscle and nerve functioning. Low potassium levels are known to cause weakness, fatigue and even muscle cramps. 

It is worth noting, however, that consumption of beets may make your urine or stool turn red or pinkish. This is due to a harmless condition called beeturia that may surprise some without prior knowledge. 

The nutrients in beetroot are heat sensitive, which means cooking may deplete its folate or Vitamin C properties. Eat them raw or bake at low temperature. If you love refreshing drinks, juice the beets with carrots and tomatoes or have some beet tea. Chop raw slices and make a beet salad. If you want to experiment, beetroot cutlets will pamper your taste buds.