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Jorhat: Family attacks power department employees

Nov 21, 2020 11:06 IST

In a rather shocking incident that took place in Jorhat, Assam, employees of the power department were attacked by certain families of Baligaon area. The employees had gone on their regular drive to check on illegal connections and ensure that every household of the area has cleared their dues. As per official order, power department officials are well within their right to disconnect any power supply if the connection is illegal or some pilferage is taking place. It was one such household who had an illegal connection. When asked about the illegal connection and just when the lineman started to snap the connection, the family got aggressive and came out with sharp weapons to attack the employees. A scuffle ensued and finally two of the three power department employees including a woman employee, Monsumi Saikia, engineer at the sub-divisional office of the power department sustained injuries.