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Jamun seeds and diabetes: What's the link?

Aug 26, 2020 07:36 IST

If gorging on delectable jamuns is your favourite past time, make sure you don't throw away the seeds. They pack a punch in terms of nutrients, especially for those suffering from diabetes. The pinkish seeds of the fruit are loaded with two substances, called Jamboline and Jambosine, both known to slow down the process of converting starch into sugar. They also help enhance the body's insulin production. You can dry the seeds once out from the fruit and convert them into a powder. The seeds help convert sugar into energy, needed by the body. This is not to say you stop ongoing treatment for diabetes. Always consult your doctor before inculcating a new diet regimen. Additionally, jamun seeds have hypo-gly-caemic properties help control the amount of sugar that is released into the bloodstream. It may also aid the process of weight loss since the fruit is very fibrous, keeping you satiated for longer. Rich in vitamin C, B, iron, calcium and magnesium, you can get your dose of goodness either in the form of a powder created from the seeds or through smoothies, jams or milkshakes.