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Instagram accounts making it easy to thrift shop from your couch!

Apr 15, 2021 18:05 IST | By Vishakha Somani

The rising popularity of fast fashion now means that buying a new shirt or dress is often cheaper than a restaurant meal! But this also means that more and more people are not getting much wear from their clothes. A whopping 92 million tonnes of textile waste is discarded every year globally and many of these items are often in great shape.  

So how can you shop for clothes without adding to this ecological problem? It’s a complicated situation but there is a solution! Online thrift stores are a great place to look for interesting pre-owned pieces that are in wearable condition and will burn a much smaller hole in your purse.  

There’s a slew of thrift stores popping up on Instagram that curate everything from hardly-used to sometimes clothes that were bought but never worn. From luxury items to quirky accessories, these social shops have got something for everyone.  


From streetwear-appropriate logo t-shirts to pretty jackets and suede trousers, you can find a little bit of everything on Ray’s Thriftstore. You’ll often find the shop’s owner posing in her own curations.  


Bombay closet cleanse is the page for all your vintage needs. The shops sell curated fashion items from major international brands as well as pieces from high-street and boutique labels.  


If you love vintage clothes, Like Buy Slay is a great shop for one-of-a-kind stylish products on a budget.  


Run by a Nagaland native, Chichi N Co calls itself ‘Friends of the Earth’ and mainly sells luxury branded handbags, cool footwear, accessories and scarves. 


If you want simple everyday clothing then take a look at The Thrift Shop on Instagram. This online store sells everything from daily kurtis, men’s shirts to dresses and accessories. 

The world of Instagram fashion thrifting has grown bigger than ever in the last couple of years. There are stores that are driven by the curator’s personal taste while others may sell a little bit of everything.  

While the joy of finding something you like sounds exciting, you should always practice caution and secure all the important details before placing your order.  


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