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Infinix Hot 9 Review: utility & build

May 31, 2020 19:14 IST

It's also not bad to look at, especially is this violet colour variant. The gem cut texture adds flair,  and while the back is plastic, it gets a 2.5D glass finish, making it feel more durable.

Be warned though, the back is a bit glossy, which means fingerprint smudges. But the protective plastic case that comes with the phone should quickly fix that problem. 

The rest of the design is pretty standard. You get a good old fashioned headphone jack at the bottom, along with a single firing speaker which isn't all that loud. Infinix has also decided to stick with a Micro-USB port, which is fairly common at this price segment, but we feel that USB-C charging would have been a great addition.

Happily enough,  there's a  fingerprint sensor on the rear,  which is not always a guaranteed inclusion for budget handsets. It's quick and sensibly placed, so your finger finds it every time.