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'Humba Humba Ramba Ramba': Mamata Banerjee's latest slogan is gold for memers

Feb 11, 2021 19:52 IST

No one puts the zing into electoral battles like Didi does. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is known for her unique slogans, whether it be polls, or just slamming her critics.

First there was "CAA CAA Chhi Chhi"....

A slogan she often repeated in her rallies during the then protests over the Citizenship amendment Bill.

This time, though...we are not quite sure...what she is saying.. 

While addressing a public meeting at Murshidabad, she said, a few naughty cows left her party to join BJP, just like Mir Jafar joined the British at the Battle of Plassey.

The 'hamba hamba' is a dig she takes at the sound a cow makes....and in quitessientally Didi style...

Needless, to say memers have picked this 7 second clip of her and turned into a classic meme.

All, we can say, is, this election season, call her Didi or Pishi, there is none other like Mamata Banerjee.