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Indian Oil Flags Off Superbike Rally In Delhi

Jan 14, 2021 18:58 IST

Indian Oil Corporate launched XP 100 - India’s first 100-Octane high-grade petrol in December 2020 - and to commemorate its launch, the oil company recently flagged off a superbike rally in Delhi. The rally included superbikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, Indian Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson cruisers, among other motorcycles, were filled up with Indian Oil’s XP100. The high octane fuel promises better engine performance, longer engine life as well as lower emissions. The low Benzene content reduces carcinogenic emissions while the low aromatic content reduces suspended particulate matter, making it effective on high compression cars and motorcycles. The XP100 is priced at Rs. 160 per litre and is currently available in 15 cities across India.