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India-China border fight: explained

Jul 31, 2020 13:49 IST

What is the India-China border fight about? India China border is 3,488 kms and also one of the longest border disputes in the world. After the recent Galwan Valley clash in Eastern Ladakh, it has taken several rounds of military and diplomatic level talks to de-escalate the situation. BOOM Explains India China border problem.

Ajai Shukla, Defence Analyst, says that Eastern Ladakh border has been troubled for quite some time now. The current situation at Galwan Valley was both an intelligence and operational failure in assuming China wouldn't enter Indian territory. The Chinese were 8 kms deep into Pangong Tso sector before they were stopped by Indian Army.

Even if the both sides are disengaging, Finger 4 is currently being acknowledged as the new boundary, which means Chinese are in occupation of Indian territory. 2 of those kms are disengagement zones, but it is still Indian territory. The Chinese now know that India will put up with this kind of behaviour without resorting to active hostilities, because a precedent is being established with our military and diplomatic position despite the threat.

Watch BOOM's Govindraj Ethiraj interview defence analyst Ajai Shukla on the India China border fight.