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Impressive health benefits of Kalonji seeds

Apr 15, 2021 13:01 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Kalonji, also known as black cumin is a popular spice that you'll find in every kitchen. They are a powerhouse of amino acids, iron, sodium, calcium and potassium and also rich in vitamins. Kalonji is a widely used medicinal plant and has impressive health benefits.

Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds –

It is said that Kalonji seeds boost weak memory when added with honey and mint leaves which is quite helpful to the elderly age group. The seeds are also good for the heart as they control bad cholesterol levels.

People with diabetes should consume Kalonji oil with black tea as it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Kalonji seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can treat various chronic inflammations as well. 

Believe it or not, Kalonji is a great remedy to cure dental pain. Not just your teeth, it benefits your overall oral health such as bleeding gums and weak teeth.

When you’re buying kalonji seeds, do check the pack carefully as the seeds ought to be jet black and shouldn’t look stale. Always store it in a dry place and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with moisture.

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