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Immuni-tea: start your day with these teas

Feb 11, 2021 09:49 IST

Before you begin your day with a warm cuppa, here’s a crackdown of the teas that help you keep your immunity guard up. Available in many hues of the colour palette, from green to white and black, teas are believed to boost immunity, keep inflammation at bay and ward off heart diseases. 

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which may induce fat loss when coupled with regular exercise. Loaded with polyphenols and catechin called EGCG, it can reduce inflammation, prevent cell damage while maintaining a healthy immune system. 

The calming properties of peppermint even translate into peppermint tea. It contains methanol that works wonders in curing an upset stomach, ridding you off motion sickness and irritable bowel syndrome. This variety of tea may also relieve symptoms of headache and migraine. 

Extracts found in hibiscus are known to benefit the liver. Hibiscus tea may help stimulate drug-detoxifying enzymes. The warm cup of goodness may even relieve menstrual cramps and slow down the process of ageing. 

So don't shy away from starting your day with the aromatic flavours of these teas and bolster your immunity along the way.