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Hyderabad man starts 'Rice ATM' to feed hungry

Oct 04, 2020 16:29 IST

Not all heroes wear capes! Dosapati Ramu, a Hyderabad-based HR manager in a software company has started a 'Rice ATM' for the needy amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Rice is available round the clock for anyone unable to purchase it and will suffice the person for a period of five days. Additionally, a person who has nothing at all to eat can reach Ramu's residence at LB Nagar where they will be provided with a ration kit. Over the course of the pandemic, Ramu has helped almost 15000 families. Speaking about his source of inspiration, he said, a watch-woman who bought food worth ₹2000 for distribution among migrants inspired him. While he began the initiative by spending from his own pocket, he did receive some contribution from people who appreciated his work.