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How to stay cool this summer, the Ayurvedic way

Apr 16, 2021 18:27 IST | By Vishakha Somani

The season of extended, leisurely afternoons, summer has some haters but most people love summer for its abundant sunshine and juicy fruits. No matter what side you’re on, it is hard to ignore the fact that our body has very different needs in the hotter months.  

As more and more people get accustomed to air conditioning, the body’s natural capabilities to cool down have taken a toll. But following an Ayurvedic lifestyle and just updating your diet with the season can make a huge difference.  

Take note of these tips to feel good this summer and embrace any adventures that the season may bring in your life!


We all know the importance of hydration in summer but according to Ayurveda, it is essential to drink your water at room temperature. Avoid icy-cold drinks and beverages that are caffeinated, carbonated or high in added sugar.  

To keep your cool, drink buttermilk, coconut water and fruit juices without any added sugar. 


It is important to exercise every day but it may be a good idea to get done with your workout early morning before the sun gets too bright or do it after sunset. 

You can also add some cooling yogasanas to your routine. Practice sheetali pranayama or cooling breath at least once a day to cool your body.  


Avoid foods that will make your body produce more heat. Reduce your intake of spicy food and chillies. Summer is also a bad time to eat oily or fermented foods. So cut down on pickles and stale foods.  


What you can eat a lot of are raw fruits and vegetables. Enjoy summer fruits including watermelon, peaches, plums, mangoes, pears and avocados. A great way to eat raw food is to whip up delicious salads. Add veggies like asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, sweet potato and celery and garnish with cool herbs.  


Lastly, you can change your bedtime in summer. As the sun sets much later, it is okay to sleep at 11 pm in the summer. Instead of forcing yourself to stay awake even as the sun tires you out, try to embrace daytime napping in the summer. A relaxing 30-minute nap during the day can do wonders for your energy levels.  

Understanding the values behind Ayurvedic principles makes you better equipped to implement these changes in your life. Keep learning to keep improving! 

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