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Hospitals in NYC prepare for covid resurgence

Oct 30, 2020 15:05 IST

Hospitals and nursing homes in New York City are gearing themselves up for a potential resurgence of new cooronavirus cases, drawing lessons learned earlier this year when the outbreak brought America's largest city to its knees.  The new step-up derives from the dark days of March and April, when testing and medicines became scarce, emergency rooms overflowed with cases and funeral homes stacked corpses in refrigerated trailers.

Furthermore, without a vaccine, doctors are talking about effective coronavirus treatments, which primarily includes, three-month supplies of personal protective equipment, medicines and contingency staffing plans.
The hospitals are also stocking up on supplies of Remdesivir and convalescent plasma to treat covid patients.
New York has recorded nearly 37,000 new cases in October, and is expected to have more than the double increase in the coming winters.