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Holi special: is Gujiya really an Indian sweet?

Mar 25, 2021 16:48 IST

Holi comes not just with a splash of colours, but also with a special appetite for festive food. Gujiya is the most loved sweet on the Holi menu. This stuffed and fried treat is full of sinful goodness that often reminds us of our grandma’s kitchen. Interestingly, Gujiya transforms seamlessly in the Indian subcontinent as Purukiya in Bihar, Ghughra in Gujarat, Karanji in Maharashtra and Odisha, Karachika in Tamil Nadu, Kajjikaya in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and Nevri in Goa. But is this oh-so-Indian sweet really Indian? While the gujiya holds a special place in our hearts, on the map, it might have a different origin. Sambusa, a savoury filled fried snack travelled from the middle east to become Samosa in India. It is believed that the sambusa and the baklava from Turkey are distant cousins of the gujiya. The different regions adapted the gujiya with various fillings, from milk-based fillings using khoya to coconut and dry fruits. So, maybe next time you indulge in a beloved tradit